Chagrin Valley Shampoo Bar & Hair Tea Product Reviews

The Chagrin Valley Family provided me with these products to review and as I have been a customer of Chagrin Valley in the past, I continue to be impressed with the high-quality of their natural products.

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Chagrin Valley Babassu Marsh Mallow Shampoo Bar Review*

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The Chagrin Valley Babassu Marsh Mallow Shampoo Bar is ideal for natural hair in need of moisture, volume, and light detangling. The Chagrin Valley Babassu Marsh Mallow Shampoo Bar is easy to wash with, smells lovely, and has a pungent floral fragrance that fades after washing. It increases hair elasticity, helping tired, over-worked natural hair strands bounce back into springy coils. The Chagrin Valley Babassu Marsh Mallow Shampoo Bar also does a good job of not stripping natural oils from the hair.

Product claim: Great for coarse, kinky hair. Babassu oil nourishes, moisturizes, and restores hair strength, for shiny, healthy-looking hair. Marshmallow root hydrates and soothes to help relieve scalp irritation.

Fragrance: A warm and spicy smell. The combination of the floral accents of ylang ylang essential oil with spicy ginger essential oil and the sweet, lavender-like fragrance of rosemary oil extract, topped with the lightest citrus zest from the lemon essential oil.

Consistency/Color: Light brown toffee color. Firm bar of soap but much softer than most soaps and can be cut into pieces easily. Lathers quickly.

Overall Results: Each time I washed my hair with the Chagrin Valley Babassu Marsh Mallow Shampoo Bar, I had good results. The shampoo bar moisturized my hair, adding shine, volume, and elasticity to my hair strands. The Chagrin Valley Babassu Marsh Mallow Shampoo Bar did not strip my hair and was easy to lather and rinse out. It also helped to lightly detangle the roots of my hair and cleanse my scalp.

I will alternate this shampoo with my Terressentials Mud Wash shampoo which, when used too often, can over-detox my hair. After washing, I rinsed my hair with 1/4 cup Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 cups of water to lock the moisture in. To learn more about washing your natural hair with a shampoo bar read my earlier post, Everything You Need Know About Shampoo Bars.

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I give this product 5 sunstars out of 5!

Chagrin Valley Detangler Blend Hair Tea Review*

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The Chagrin Valley Detangler Blend Hair Tea does what it claims, which is to cut-back on the amount of hair tangles, fortify the hair cuticle, and to add moisture and sheen. It is packed with natural herbs like marshmallow root and flaxseed that aid in naturally detangling hair as well as nourishing hair spices like basil and rosemary.

Product Claim: Decrease tangles naturally. A special blend of botanicals decreases tangles, strengthens hair to help prevent breakage, and holds in moisture to add sheen to hair.

Fragrance: Sweet with a light aroma of Rosemary.

Consistency/Color: Red after tea is allowed to soak, concentrated liquid. Red coloring most likely from the addition of the Hibiscus herb to the tea blend.

Overall Results: The Chagrin Valley Detangler Blend Hair Tea comes with a card that suggests various recipes for how to use the tea and a muslin bag for steeping. I used the Herbal Tea & Oil recipe, adding ½ tablespoon of grape seed oil and a few drops of tea tree essential oil. I would recommend soaking your tea in a coffee strainer set in a heat-safe container to get the maximum amount of saturation. Despite what the recipe says, make sure to thoroughly rinse your hair with cool water after using the rinse. I think for kinky/coily hair, the tea rinse is more effective when rinsed out like a regular conditioner.

All in all, this is a great product for hair that needs extra help staying detangled. The tea loosened up tangles by my roots, made my hair soft, and a darker black. I attribute the color boost to the rosemary, which darkens black hair. The Chagrin Valley Detangler Blend Hair Tea is also ideal for a special treatment that can be done monthly on freshly washed hair. Plus, a little goes a long way. I was able to get 3 rinses out of my 2 rinse sample bag.

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I give this product 4 ½ sunstars out of 5!

Shipping & Handling/Customer Service: Both items arrived on time and were well packaged. The Chagrin Valley family are down-to-earth people that value customer satisfaction and pride themselves on using natural and organic ingredients in their products.

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*All opinions expressed in this review are my own. I use all reviewed products over a minimum of 30 days before posting reviews.