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Help, My Hair is Parched! & Dry Hair Problems

With the warmer seasons on their way, panic about your curls can set in. “How will I keep my hair moisturized?” “How do I stop my hair from becoming dry?” “Help, my hair is parched!”

Every natural has asked similar questions or had concerns like the ones mentioned above. When it comes to the spring/summer heat waves, try following the advice below to protect your precious curls.

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Hello Curly Beauties! I've transitioned to 3B, 3C hair after my last relaxer nearly three years ago. My hair has grown so much, think Diana Ross big, and lately I've noticed a patch of dry hair in the middle of my scalp. It's brittle, dry, but when I wet the hair and place product, such as deep conditioner, it snaps back with a little fuzz. Could this be heat damage? I never use hot tools, just a roller set maybe twice a month. I use coconut oil and it gets softer but, what else? Thanks!

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Hello sunshine! Frizzy or “fuzzy” hair can be caused by an assortment of things. It could mean that the middle portion of your hair has high porosity. Porosity has to do with the hairs ability to retain moisture by keeping the cuticles on your hair shaft closed. When hair cuticles stay open instead of laying flat against your shaft, moisture is released and the product is frizzy and dry hair strands. However, there are remedies! You took a great first step with using coconut oil to add and seal in moisture. I would also suggest trying an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. I usually perform my AVC Rinses with ½ of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 cup of water.

Read this article here and this post here for more info. Goodluck!

Sunshine Moment: Natural Hair Myth #5

“Reading ingredient labels is too hard; there are too many different ingredients to remember.

The more you read the labels, the more you’ll recognize the harmful ingredients. A key to remember is that ingredients that you can pronounce and are familiar to you are typically the ingredients that are safe.”

source: Nappturosity

*Sunshine Recommendation: Buying all natural ingredients can sometimes be expensive. Try making your own products as well! Find some recipes here.

Sunshine Moment: Natural Hair Myth #3

“Kinky, coiled hair doesn’t grow!

The truth is that all hair grows. The speed upon which your hair grows depends on a variety of factors ranging from hair type and nutrition, to hereditary and environmental variables.”

source: Nappturosity

*Sunshine Recommendation: Most of the time it is about what goes inside your body, not on your hair that counts.  Try taking a multivitamin or vitamin B supplement like Biotin daily!