I Treasure My Crown: An Interview with Felicia Yvette Hooks

“I Treasure My Crown” is a series that highlights people who contribute and are influential to the natural hair community, allowing an inside look into what inspires them.

Felicia Yvette Hooks

Thanks to you, motivational speakers such as Felicia Leatherwood have been able to come to Indianapolis and educate people about their natural hair.

What inspired you to be a part of natural hair conferences and events?

There was nothing like it before in Indianapolis (that I had heard of); so when I heard that Felicia Leatherwood was doing workshops, I contacted her and asked what I needed to do to get her here. I had been natural for a few years, but was using thermal styles because of modeling so I was stuck with heat damaged hair. I guess it’s fair to say that I brought her here because I needed help, but I figured it would be nice to share. I had not done any event planning before, so this was all new to me.

In an interview with USA Today, you were quoted as saying, “I thought I would just give it [natural hair] a try and see how it went, but now I don’t think I will ever get another relaxer… It’s just a fun journey, getting to know your hair.”

What were some challenges you faced while transitioning to natural hair?

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